2014: A Year in Review

2014 was A Year.

As in I don’t remember a ton about it and most of the good things I thought of first actually happened in 2013 instead. Apparently I’ve subconsciously blocked out most of last year.

Most of it. Not all of it.

I went to Houston, TX for my cousin’s wedding and I was blown away–as I always am–by the kindness shown to me and my mom by their family. I was also blown away by the kindness shown by a group of friends living four hours away who drove down to Houston to see me for one day.

I went to my first not-just-free-in-a-church concerts ever. I saw Skillet, We As Human, Third Day, Disciple, Anberlin, and Plumb in addition to a ton more people that hadn’t even been on my “to-see” list. (I’m just linking to my sister’s posts on some of those if you want to know more about them.)

I went to Colorado for four months to intern at GotQuestions Ministries. While I was in the state I met three new dear friends, re-kindled relationships with old friends, officially left my old church, tried my first–and second–beer (ew), bought a toilet tank, started my Fifty Shades of Grey project, took a trip or two to Urgent Care (not for me! :D ) and ironed out the convoluted, twisted image I had in my head about how I thought my friends in Colorado would see me in my presently-trying-not-to-be-cynical-but-also-trying-to-figure-out-four-hundred-spiritual-topics-from-the-ground-up state. (Spoiler Alert: I have the most gracious, compassionate and energetically encouraging friend group ever.)

I got glasses (and I love them).

I found a new church that is drastically different from my old church and I’m still not 100% convinced isn’t a case of “too good to be true.”

I helped my uncle skin a deer that had been shot only twenty minutes (or less) prior, which I found was quite different from skinning a deer that had already been dead for a few hours. (And yes, I’m still working with a local taxidermist.)

I learned that there are friendships worth fighting for and there are friendships worth letting go. More importantly I have begun to learn how to fight for friendship and how to decipher which friendships fall into which group.

I got a new perspective on the world in 2014. A perspective I hope to share, slowly (because I don’t do anything fast), but surely, over the year of 2015. I am still processing so many things that have happened in the last two years, specifically, but by the grace of God some things are finally beginning to click and make sense.

So here’s to new adventures, 2015. You’ve already thrown some interesting things my way, and while I think this is going to be a year of uncomfortable situations and faith leaps, I also think it will be a good year.


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