Spirituality in Blue Exorcist


I have moved all my anime-related posts over to the brand new, shiny Eclectic Koi Fish. You can find me there under the name “Jester Ink.”

If you want to read my Spirituality in Blue Exorcist post specifically? You can find it here.




10 thoughts on “Spirituality in Blue Exorcist

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  3. Michael M.

    Thanks! Was able to reference this post for a similar post I did on my blog. I agree with your thoughts, and yeah, the fact of the whole “evil vs. evil” was pretty comical coming from a Christian’s perspective…

      1. Michael M.

        Actually your right, but after re reading my comment it sounded like I was saying your article was comical but I came off wrong. What I was trying to say was that as a Christian myself, I find it funny the whole concept of evil vs evil to do good in an anime. Thats what I meant to say, my bad, thats why leaving comments sometimes is annoying :)

      2. That’s how I read your first comment. :) But thank you for your clarification! It’s nice to stumble across a fellow Christian in the wordpress world as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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